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Technology: UK Has The Largest On-line Economy In The World
Things might be looking financially pear-shaped in Europe right now, but according to new research published this month and commissioned by technology giants Google, the UK has the largest online economy in the world, worth over £100bn a year. It reveals that the internet revenue makes up 7.2 per cent of our gross domestic product (GDP), that we have the second largest online advertising market worldwide after the US, and if the internet was an economic sector it would be the fifth largest! Over-shadowing the UK's construction, transport and utilities industries, as around 60 per cent of the £100bn figure ...
Sangeeta HaindlToday  |  Sangeeta Haindl
Use Social Media Trends to
Land a New Job
Did you know that jumping on certain social media trends can help in the process of landing a new job? Gone are the days of creating a traditional resume, sending it off, and hoping for the best. These days prospective employers are looking for more from prospects. Fortunately there are ways to stand head and shoulders above the competition. Here are some ideas for landing a new career.

Use LinkedIn to it's fullest. 

If you're not on LinkedIn, you're missing out on a huge opportunity. LinkedIn is more than just a business networking site. Many employers have compa
Jason mKeyToday | Jason mKey
Social Media Trends: Facebook
Akin to one of Murhpy's Laws, one unofficial social media trend might be that everything that starts out simple becomes much more complicated at an unpredictable rate. Facebook is, of course, the perfect example. What started out to be a digital yearbook for college kids morphed into a worldwide networking scheme to make somebody rich. (Well, why else is there advertising threatening to take over the news feed from every square inch of side bar space now - and there wasn't a couple of years ago?) What started out to be fun little applications and causes designed to (or claiming to) help the ra
Megan RisleyNovember 25 | Megan Risley
Web 2.0 Is All About Social
It is no longer enough for a business to install the 'retweetÂ' or the Facebook 'likeÂ' buttons on its site, was the big message from Silicon Valley at last weekÂ's annual Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. Social networks have changed everything and now it is about the social experience and linking up with people you know, sharing opinions and information. When websites started we were all concerned about optimising content for search engines. Now, for every business, whether big or small is about how to make their site truly social and they need to think how they take the soc
Sangeeta HaindlNovember 25 | Sangeeta Haindl
Social Media Events: Small
Business Saturday
Move over black friday and cyber monday, Small Business Saturday is a social media event to get excited about. The first annual Small Business Saturday takes place this Saturday (the 27th) and as the name suggests, it's entirely focused on helping the little guys. Small Business Saturday is being fueled by an aggressive Facebook campaign and was put in motion by American Express Open. The Small Business Saturday Facebook page has already collected over one million likes.

The Small Business Saturday website stresses why this social media event will be unlike any other. Facts are 
Jason mKeyNovember 24 | Jason mKey
Social Media Trends: Playing
We're all familiar with the marketing ploy of collectible toys in Happy Meals. As if a friendly clown and golden arches weren't enticing enough, getting the next toy in the series is a brilliant business strategy - albeit a little sneaky and questionable, ethically - by the world's largest fast food chain. Perhaps less familiar but still just as brilliant were (are?) the Monopoly pieces taped to giant coke (only) cups. The collectible nature of the game Monopoly elicited a commitment on the customer's part: when making the decision about where to buy the next Coke, the fact that they were "pla
Megan RisleyNovember 24 | Megan Risley
Why Web 2.O Browser RockMelt
is Worth the Hype
It's hard to get excited over a web 2.0 browser. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari have cornered the market. RockMelt is different. I'm writing this post within RockMelt and from a first hand perspective, there's a lot to love. RockMelt started handing out private beta tests a couple of weeks ago and from then on I've ditched it in replaced of Firefox. Don't get me wrong, Firefox is amazing, but RockMelt is promising to be the browser of the future.

What's all the hype about?

RockMelt is social. It's got Facebook built into it's DNA. A user mus
Jason mKeyNovember 24 | Jason mKey
Social Media Trends: Narrowing
Down Location
While location is something of a social media trend, still only about 5% of users are employing location-based services.  It is still in business's best interests to try and incorporate this capacity in some way or another: the smaller the business, the more low hanging fruit can be gathered from the social media trend of and capacity to pinpoint locations.

And yet, another social media trend, slightly contradicting the buzz about location, is emerging, and in the form of curation and news feed customizing.  That is, social media users are starting to fee
Megan RisleyNovember 24 | Megan Risley

Quite recently, the hashtag #I am Spartacus spread as a mini-revolution on Twitter sparking a debate about whether the principles of free speech applied to social media. Paul Chambers for whom Twitter users showed their support and protested was the man convicted and fined for a tweet threatening to blow up an airport.
Since his recent appeal failed to overturn the conviction he will now take his case to the High Court and will now be represented by a well known human rights lawyer Ben Emmerson, reports BBC and accordingly, the challenge will focus on whether or not section 127 
Saman SheikhNovember 23 | Saman Sheikh
Social Media Trends: Can You
Spot A Scam?
New social media trends research out by reveals professional women aged 25-34 are more likely to fall victim of online is a new organisation who commissioned this study as part of a drive to help consumers protect themselves online, as scammers become increasingly sophisticated as they target individuals and businesses. Online fraud affects 1.8 million Britons every year, costing the economy £2.7bn according to National Fraud Authority, January 2010 and wants to understand the profile of online scam victims and build up a
Sangeeta HaindlNovember 23 | Sangeeta Haindl
Social Media Trends: Curation
The marketing question going into the new year (yes, 2011 already) is shaping up to be: "Are we in the stream?" Social media trends towards streams anyway: streams of news, streams of status messages, streams of constantly updated information, but what businesses looking to better their marketing strategy should be keeping their eye on is the "stream" of consumer-generated information. Social media has made it possible for anyone to be a reporter, so brands, deals, and news are flying from (Facebook) wall to wall, and iPhone to iPhone.

Aside from having a social media policy tha
Megan RisleyNovember 23 | Megan Risley
How Web 2.0 Companies Use
Social Media to Enhance
Corporate Culture
There are numerous web 2.0 companies who are competing for attention. Attention in the form of website visits, loyal customers, on and offline word of mouth, press from new and mainstream media, and positive buzz from anywhere they can find it. Businesses that operate online and those who offer software as a service are particular keen to the benefits of adopting social media. The sooner social media becomes a part of company culture the better.


Social media is a powerful catalyst for marketing when online channels are used appropriately. As opposed to j
Jason mKeyNovember 22 | Jason mKey
Charities Learning About
Social Media Trends
Last Monday 15 November I headed down to the heart of London to attend the Â'Technology for GoodÂ' event organised by techmap; a day targeted for the not-for-profits about the latest social media trends. I could describe the day as being informative, a good day with good speakers; but that would all sound bland and ordinary! As the other words to describe the day are fantastic and almost magical as the Soho Theatre, the venue of the conference added that extra setting. The speakers would stride on to the stage do their session and walk off. Very much akin to the format of stand-up 
Sangeeta HaindlNovember 22 | Sangeeta Haindl
Social Media Events: Tweet
Drive 2010
Social Media Events: Want to participate in a unique way of giving back this holiday season? Check out Tweet Drive. Tweet Drive is a nationwide toy and clothing drive that is being held to give back to less fortunate children. Tweet Drive is a serious of social media events being held throughout the country. The events are Tweetups with free admission. The only requirement for admission is to bring a new toy or article of clothing. Donations go to local charities.

Tweet Drive 2010 is rare opportunity to give back and attend a social media event at the same time. Tweet Drive is s
Jason mKeyNovember 21 | Jason mKey
Path: The Path to a Limited
Social Network is Here
With recent speculation about what social networks have done to the word "friendship" and what it means, Path has been revealed as an exclusive "personal network." A former  executive at Facebook and Apple, Dave Morin seeks to change your social media world by making it more personal. His new company Path launched a new photo-centric social service last week as an iPhone app which allows you a maximum of 50 friends only.

In related news, Jimmy Kimmel will surely be pleased with this new app. in lieu of his request for National Unfriend Day! Wi
Saman SheikhNovember 21 | Saman Sheikh
Spending your Internet Time on

It is no surprise that Facebook is hogging most of our Internet time nowadays- primarily due to the number of functions it allows us. At the moment, this social media site accounts for one out of four page views in the United States, which amounts to 10% of Internet visits.
According to Hitwise, Facebook has grown incredibly every year. Earlier, Mashable reported that Â"the social network was set to eclipse Google in web traffic.Â" And now, Hitwise affirms that the domain Â"Facebook.comÂ" witnessed 3% more web visits and almost five times more pageviews t
Saman SheikhNovember 20 | Saman Sheikh
Social Media Trends: Having a
social media policy
Because social media is all the rage (and shows no sign of letting up), businesses are starting to develop social media usage guidelines for employees.  It might even be considered a social media trend to have a social media policy - it's certainly a good idea as an employer. While notions like being respectful and using discretion might sense like common sense, it never hurts to remind users of such behaviors, especially since the anonymity of the Internet can lull users into a false sense of security. And that can alone can make people do some strange things.

Megan RisleyNovember 20 | Megan Risley
Social Media Trends: Paying on
the Go
The mobile world is a social media trend that is flourishing worldwide.  Because of technological advances - and, of course, social media addiction - mobile phones are rapidly becoming more and more like hand-held computers.  That is, they are increasingly able to do a lot of what computers do, at least in terms of social media and the Internet.  The mobile app world is a booming industry, and, as users expect more and more of their iPhones, Androids and Blackberries, more and more technology is being adapted for mobile phone use.  Gone are the d
Megan RisleyNovember 20 | Megan Risley
I am getting into the festive season a little early; but hereÂ's a story linked with technology that will have a vested Christmas interest for us all... Amazon, the online retailer could soon be offering us the opportunity to swap bad presents for items we do want before the gift even leaves the warehouse! Amazon has been granted a patent application that will make it easy for their customers to request a different item in place of the gift ordered by a friend or relative. I just know this news will cheer us up, especially those of us who have received the endless pairs of novelty socks 
Sangeeta HaindlNovember 19 | Sangeeta Haindl
Social Media Trends: Ads on
the Go
The social media trend of having a Smartphone is blooming into an entire mobile culture.  Not only can Smartphone users surf the web update their Facebook and Twitter pages online, but businesses are also wising up about this new social media obsession.  It makes sense: 8% of Americans regularly use their phones to access the Internet, and more time is being spent on Smartphones than computers.  It would be an untapped gold mine in terms of advertising strategy to ignore this mass usage. Combine this with the social media trend of location, and you've got on
Megan RisleyNovember 18 | Megan Risley
Technology: Computer Masti
This is a story where we in the west can look to the developing world, to a country like India who is using technology innovatively. I am talking about Computer Masti, which is a great and fun way of introducing technology and computers to children where interactivity is done in the most creative way, using a series of books, four of which are already out and the rest are in progress. Children read the book and meet three new friends - Jyoti, Tejas who learn the computer and are amazed by the way a computer works and Moz, their teacher mouse! Â'MastiÂ' in Hindi means fun and Comput
Sangeeta HaindlNovember 18 | Sangeeta Haindl

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